Nutella/Peanut Butter/Chocolate Chip Cookies

This summer has been a slow one, I’ll admit that. Job searching takes way longer than I anticipated! But I really didn’t want to waste these few months, so I’ve been baking a few times a week for my older neighbors, Mrs. M & Mrs. P. I’m not a great baker, I’ll admit that, but I continue to be adventurous and try everything, even when the final product isn’t so pretty. So todat, Monday, is one of my “delivery” days. I present to you, the best damn cookies. And yes, they’re my recipe so I’m a bit prejudiced, but give them a go! And they say you shouldn’t eat raw dough, and seriously don’t because you don’t want to risk salmonella, but this dough is HEAVENLY. No lie, it’s so rich and delicious, you can only really eat a tiny bit at a time.

So first things first, preheat the oven. I somwhow always manage to forget to do this until I’m done mixing everything, but do this first!!


375° is sort of standard, but let the oven get nice and hot while you do your mixing.

Into a big ole bowl, place:

2 eggs
1 cup butter, softened. Margarine is fine as well.
1 cup granulated sugar
3/4 cup packed brown sugar. If you want your cookies not as sweet, drop it to 1/2 cup. I like em sweet 🙂
A few drips of vanilla flavor. I like to put about a tablespoon, I loveeeee vanilla flavoring.

Mix that all together until it’s all combined. You can do this by hand, but I like to use my trusty hand mixer.

In a separate bowl(or you can use the same one if you don’t feel like washing another dish) you will need to add:

2 1/2 cups of flour
A dash of salt if you didn’t use salted butter
A pinch of baking soda

Add this to your mixture. I like to add it about a 1/2 cup at a time, mixing well after each addition.

Now here’s the good part. Mix in some chocolate chips. You can add a lot, you can add a little, it’s up to you. I added about 1 1/2 cups. Now, add a heaping tablespoonful of peanut butter. I use creamy. Now this part is up to you, but if you love a nice hazelnut spread, listen up. Add a heaping spoonful of that into the mix. Nutella isn’t real cheap, so I suggest using a generic store brand instead. I used the ShopRite brand, tasted the same.

Now mix everything in, really really well. This dough is SUPER stiff. Like literally the stiffest dough I have ever worked with. You’re going to have to abandon your trusty hand mixer and use a spoon or even clean hands.

Now I don’t measure when I place my dough on my sheets. I just eyeball each pinch, and try to roll them into roughly the same sizes. This is a ton of dough. I made about 2 dozen good sized cookies, and STILL had some left over. So I made a heart shaped cookie pizza 🙂


Place these in your preheated oven for about ten or so minutes.

Take em out, let em cool, and make em pretty :-)!

I just drizzled a warmed up hazelnut spread & peanut butter mixture ovwr top.

These are ah-may-zing. Seriously. Wonderful. They’re chocolate chip, but you get a nice peanut butter flavor, and the hazelnut spread does come through. Try em out and let me know what you think!!


For more recipe pics, check out the instagram!! Username is twirlytoez

hello world!

positivity isn’t easy to come by and i think tons of people take that for granted

ha, what a great start

i have tried(and failed) with blogs in the past. i have written posts for a bazillion different themed blogs. 

fun tip to make you smile: go on wordpress and try every email address you’ve ever had and see if any blogs pop up. apparently i had a wedding themed blog, despite my stagnant marital status, and a blog about my quest to become an extreme couponer. anything is possible when you’re naive. and 13. although those do tend to go hand in hand, don’t ya think?

nonetheless, i am not 13 anymore, and i am not as naive(or i would like to think so!) but i want to start a new journey, a new blog

each day is a journey. not just in my personal life, but for everyone. there are zillions of possibilities, and every time you wake up, you get to choose which ones you want to tackle today.

starting a blog could be one of them. 

and it looks like today is my day to tackle it

i hope twirlytoes brings a laugh, or a smile to your face, i like to make people chuckle, i like to make people think

now i am not saying everything i post will be great and wonderful and make you feel like you have been enlightened

well i hope some things do

but this is not for you, world

it’s for me

i want to start a journey towards happiness, and i want to document it all, my triumphs, my falls, each little bump in my road

because on days when my journey gets rough, i want to look back and see that somehow, i managed to get over days like this, and continue 

so onward people of the internet, onward on your own journeys

remember to have some fun :~)